Suicide Bunny e-juices Flavors

So far, there are six main Suicide Bunny e-juices available in the market. These are mothers milk, the O.B, Madrina, sucker punch, derailed, and mother’s milk obsidian edition. The mother’s milk is the most popular brand among vaping enthusiasts. This juice has a creamy dessert flavor and when exhaled there is a strawberry taste.

Derailed is another great invention of suicide bunny. Its sweet flavor of freshly baked cookie when inhaled and cinnamon banana when exhaled will leave you wanting more. In between the exhale and inhale, it is nothing but pure ecstasy.


Madrina is one of those brands that are better experienced. No amount of words can capture that feeling. It is a mixture of almost everything sweet in different percentages. The lemon taste found in every layer is the icing on the cake.

The sucker punch comes in next with its exotic taste which is a mixture of dragon fruit and smooth cream. Vaping this e-juice will take you to a world never experienced before.

The O.B on the other hand is guaranteed to blow your mind away. There are layers of amazing flavors for you to enjoy with every inhale and exhale. All these brands are often given keen attention. Nothing leaves the store if it is not good enough. Suicide Bunny have mastered their art to a fault. Nothing short of awesome sees the outside of the store.

Mother’s milk obsidian edition is the newest entrant into the vicinity. It tastes just as good as the parent product with slight variation. Time would tell how much vapers like it and if it will manage to live up to the success of the other five.

When making the e-juices, the manufacturers have placed their nicotine dosage to a maximum of 18mg. It never goes past that mark. That is a good level for anyone who considers themselves veterans. However, it is always advisable that as a newbie one starts with a small dosage of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg as you climb up the ladder. The juices come in bottles of 30ml with the only exception being the mother’s milk obsidian edition which comes in a 60ml bottle.


In the vaping world, quality is often regarded highly. When people get to enjoy your products more, you will get more positive reviews and with time the e-juice’s demand will rise and may threaten to surpass the production.

The prices for the juices are very affordable. For only a couple of dollars, you will be able to walk away with your favorite suicide bunny e-juice. They can be gotten from their shop for those who reside near the area. The rest of the population can easily make orders through calls or on their website online. The products will be delivered within the shortest time possible. Your vaping experience is set to change forever once you get a suicide bunny e-juice.

With their skill and innovation, one can only wait and see what suicide bunny will come up with next in their set of products. They tend to outdo themselves every time. One is left to wonder why they never started early. Many vapers would have been saved the agony of tasteless juices.